Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 15: The Tech Pebble is now Yours, Grasshoppers!

I wonder what all of you think as you come to the last class.  I imagine that you had no idea how much work could be crammed into an undergrad tech course. . .I'll excuse the occasional curse muttered in my general area :^D What I also hope is that you are now much more confident with not only your use of technology, but that you might eventually become that type of teacher who seamlessly integrates technology into your curriculum. . .Kids dig it!!

Tonight:  I want you to have at least one peer check of your iMovie and emerging tech assignments, and then you will submit your checklists for me to enter your grades.
Also, the evaluations for this course are completed electronically. . .you should have received an email to your cougar email that contains the evaluation for the course.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback, as would the university.  Also, in the name of web 2.0 and social-everything, there is a site called ratemyprofessors where you can evaluate your professors for your peers and future students to see.  This is a great way to find out how other students feel about your current and future professors.

TaskStream:  Before you leave this evening, I would like to see that you have responded to your feedback in GoogleDocs for your TaskStream narratives and that they are edited and placed in TaskStream!!  If this is not competed, you and I will work on them for the remainder of the course (and when I say, "you and I," I mean you ;-)

That would be the end
Last Question:  What is the best thing that you will take away from this course?