Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week Ten: If your Spring Breaks, does it become Spring Broken?

Like any of you are going to be in class body and spirit today :^D
You will be dreaming of Cabo, Mammoth, or even spending the entire day in your bed staring at the ceiling.  Alas, I will do everything I can today to keep you focused on educational technology.

Note:  If have completed your classroom 2.0 assignment, please tweet that you have so others don't have to click from blog to blog looking for people to leave comments on. . .put a link to your blog, use the #ed422 hashtag, and say your classroom 2.0 is complete!!

Tonight:  We will look at your revised NETS/TaskStream narratives in GoogleDocs, ensure they are indeed revised and put them into TaskStream.  I will inspire you to use Inspiration, and if time permits, discuss the wiki assignment for my overachievers.

Journal 9 & 10: you are welcome to use your own article from L&L or elsewhere, but I will recommend a journal for 9:  "Playing with Skype," by Travis J. Weller.  This is from the March 2010 issue.

This Week's Question:  What are you going to do for Spring Break, or what do you wish you were doing for Spring Break 2010?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week Nine: Is it Impolite to PowerPoint?

Don't forget that you all need to bring at least 2 copies of our collaborative rubrics to class today.  When you join rcampus and click on the link to our rubric (on last week's blog post), you should have the option to add this rubric to your rubric.  When you print, ensure you have room for comments and the peer on whose PowerPoint you are grading. . .

I have graded all of the journal 1-5 assignments that were submitted in WebCT. . .please don't forget to use the submit button even if the content is on your blog.

Tonight: We will be grading PowerPoints in grade level teams.  It will give you the chance to share with peers in the same grade range and maybe even get some cool ideas for how to integrate technology into your future classrooms.  Hopefully, all of the TaskStream narratives will have feedback on them.  I am collaborating with on of my peers to help me assess the TaskStream narratives.  His name is Mark, so you might see some comments from mrounds5 on your GoogleDoc. . .don't panic, he is working with me.  We will also discuss the Copyright/Internet Safety assignment and how we are going to accomplish this!

Journal 8: "Navigate the Digital Rapids," by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis in the March 2010 issue of L&L.

This Week's Question:  Would your effort change if this class were P/F instead of a letter grade?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week Eight: Rested and Ready for Action?

I am hopeful that I will see some decreased anxiety today.  You have had a week to catch up with the coursework, which should put everyone in a better position to be successful.  The Computer Using Educator Conference was awesome!  I always leave inspired and ready to try new things.  If time permits, I'll share some of the cool tools I saw in Palm Springs.

I am slowly catching up on all of the grading.  I have graded all of the newsletter and regraded all of the intro letters, scans, and EdTechProfiles.  Please check your inbox and your grades to ensure you have a grade or something returned to your inbox.  I should also finish grading all of the Delicious assignments before class time. My goal is to be caught up on TaskStream and the journals by class time next week!!

Today:  I will answer any questions on the PowerPoint/Prezi assignment.  We will create a collaborative rubric to grade the PowerPoints next week.
Afternoon class rubric
Evening Class Rubric
We will also look at Classroom 2.0 ning network and explore a web 2.0 tool that you might want to use on our classroom. This will count as its own assignment as well as journal 6!

Journal 6:  This will be the Classroom 2.0 assignment.  Instructions will be given in class.
Journal 7: "The Beginners Guide to Interactive Virtual Field Trips," by Jan Zanetis.  This is from the March 2010 issue of L&L

This Week's Question:  What is something you learned well without a teacher?  How did you learn it?  This could be a sport, game, etc. . .