Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 15: The Tech Pebble is now Yours, Grasshoppers!

I wonder what all of you think as you come to the last class.  I imagine that you had no idea how much work could be crammed into an undergrad tech course. . .I'll excuse the occasional curse muttered in my general area :^D What I also hope is that you are now much more confident with not only your use of technology, but that you might eventually become that type of teacher who seamlessly integrates technology into your curriculum. . .Kids dig it!!

Tonight:  I want you to have at least one peer check of your iMovie and emerging tech assignments, and then you will submit your checklists for me to enter your grades.
Also, the evaluations for this course are completed electronically. . .you should have received an email to your cougar email that contains the evaluation for the course.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback, as would the university.  Also, in the name of web 2.0 and social-everything, there is a site called ratemyprofessors where you can evaluate your professors for your peers and future students to see.  This is a great way to find out how other students feel about your current and future professors.

TaskStream:  Before you leave this evening, I would like to see that you have responded to your feedback in GoogleDocs for your TaskStream narratives and that they are edited and placed in TaskStream!!  If this is not competed, you and I will work on them for the remainder of the course (and when I say, "you and I," I mean you ;-)

That would be the end
Last Question:  What is the best thing that you will take away from this course?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 14: The Penultimate Class!! Gettin' Techie with It!

I hope that everyone is feeling good about where you are now with technology and what you have left to complete in this class.

Today, we will take a look at Google Earth (even though we aren't going to complete the assignment), check that everyone has the necessary artifacts on their blogs (with titles and descriptions), complete the checklist for the movies, and ensure you are set with the artifacts and the way in which you are going to approach the final NETS narratives!

My goal for next week is that everyone will have the NETS narratives complete and ready to put into TaskStream.  I will check in with everyone individually to ensure the work is complete and answer any final questions you might have about assignments or the course.

This week's Question:  What has been your favorite assignment in this course and why?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 13: Are We There Yet?

Remember 2:30 class:  I have a meeting in San Diego Thursday.  I may not be in class by 2:30 (but I'll try). You can work on your movies, journals, and take a look at the emerging technology instructions & rubric (we will also cover together) in webCT.  If you are caught up, it would be okay to come to class @ 3.

Everything except the wiki has been graded (I think).  Journal 6-10 is due April 22 (tonight!!).  Don't forget: if the assignment is not completed on time, you cannot receive extra credit for journal 10.

Tonight:  We will finish the movies (remember to include data in your PSA & please bring HEADPHONES) & checklists, discuss the emerging technology assignment (with help on how to embed everything on your blog), and discuss the remaining narratives for TaskStream.  As I have asked the last few weeks, I want you to start a fresh Google Doc to share with me and Mark so you can receive some early feedback on NETS III, IV, & V. We will formalize this tonight.

This Week's Question:  Should the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) be required to graduate high school?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 12: Just Say No to Hate Speech

Okay, this week we are going to make our PSAs. . .remember, if you have a video camera, you could bring it with you. While it isn't required, it might make your PSA that much cooler. Also, don't forget to bring headphones with you today. . .it will help when you are editing.
Here is a good resources on hates speech/hate crime data: stopviolence

Don't forget that it would be a great idea to begin writing your last 3 narratives for TaskStream. . .I would like everyone to aim for writing one a week and then you should be finished by the end of this class. . .
I also want to discuss the emerging technology piece this evening. . .there is a way I want to modify the title and description for the artifacts on your blogs.

If you have any work that is not completed, I need it submitted soon.  I will have everything graded by class next week. . .Try and get everything submitted!

This week's Question: What is your favorite thing to do/hobby outside of school?  Mine is most definitely snowboarding :^D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 11: Wiki, Don't Lose That Number!

So, everyone is rested, fresh and ready for the homestretch of the semester?  Well, okay, how about tired, stressed and overly caffeinated? Either way, we march on. . .As I have been telling everyone, I like to front load most of the work so that the end of the semester goes by smoothly.  Although you might have a few assignments needing editing or last-minute finishing of the Spreadsheet & Inspiration (which are both due this evening BTW) . . .and finishing those journals. . .

What we have left:  wiki assignment, iMovie Software/PSA, Google Earth, Emerging Technology (already in progress), and your TaskStream Narratives. . .

Tonight:  I will introduce you to the wiki assignment, which I hope will be a fun assignment for you.  Most of you will be publishing your first wiki page ~ which we will host on your blogs using  I also want everyone to use their Inspiration graphic organizer to begin writing a second TaskStream Narrative. . .you can begin a new GoogleDoc and share it with me,, and Mark,

Next week: we will do the iMovie Software Proficiency assignment.  I usually give you footage of the campus and have you create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) promoting CSUSM. . .Well, with the recent racially-charged events happening @ UCSD & CSUSM, I would like to create a PSA against hate speech or hate crimes. . .This might entail shooting some of your own video to go along with the video I have. . .I will talk about this in class tonight (remind me if I don't, please). . .and if you have any type of computer/mp3 player headphone, it will be useful when we are editing.

This Week's Question:  How do you feel about single-gender schools (all-boy or all-girl)?  Experience or thoughts?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week Ten: If your Spring Breaks, does it become Spring Broken?

Like any of you are going to be in class body and spirit today :^D
You will be dreaming of Cabo, Mammoth, or even spending the entire day in your bed staring at the ceiling.  Alas, I will do everything I can today to keep you focused on educational technology.

Note:  If have completed your classroom 2.0 assignment, please tweet that you have so others don't have to click from blog to blog looking for people to leave comments on. . .put a link to your blog, use the #ed422 hashtag, and say your classroom 2.0 is complete!!

Tonight:  We will look at your revised NETS/TaskStream narratives in GoogleDocs, ensure they are indeed revised and put them into TaskStream.  I will inspire you to use Inspiration, and if time permits, discuss the wiki assignment for my overachievers.

Journal 9 & 10: you are welcome to use your own article from L&L or elsewhere, but I will recommend a journal for 9:  "Playing with Skype," by Travis J. Weller.  This is from the March 2010 issue.

This Week's Question:  What are you going to do for Spring Break, or what do you wish you were doing for Spring Break 2010?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week Nine: Is it Impolite to PowerPoint?

Don't forget that you all need to bring at least 2 copies of our collaborative rubrics to class today.  When you join rcampus and click on the link to our rubric (on last week's blog post), you should have the option to add this rubric to your rubric.  When you print, ensure you have room for comments and the peer on whose PowerPoint you are grading. . .

I have graded all of the journal 1-5 assignments that were submitted in WebCT. . .please don't forget to use the submit button even if the content is on your blog.

Tonight: We will be grading PowerPoints in grade level teams.  It will give you the chance to share with peers in the same grade range and maybe even get some cool ideas for how to integrate technology into your future classrooms.  Hopefully, all of the TaskStream narratives will have feedback on them.  I am collaborating with on of my peers to help me assess the TaskStream narratives.  His name is Mark, so you might see some comments from mrounds5 on your GoogleDoc. . .don't panic, he is working with me.  We will also discuss the Copyright/Internet Safety assignment and how we are going to accomplish this!

Journal 8: "Navigate the Digital Rapids," by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis in the March 2010 issue of L&L.

This Week's Question:  Would your effort change if this class were P/F instead of a letter grade?