Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Instructions 4 Intro Letter

Write a three-paragraph letter of introduction to me and your classmates that you will post on your class blog. You can see a sample Intro Letter of yours truly below!!


Title:  Include your Name and some text. . .Introducing. . .etc.

1st paragraph: Introduce who you are, where you are from, and where you went to school (K-12) and college.

2nd paragraph: Give an overview of your experience with technology. Are you a Mac or PC person? How much do you depend on technology on a daily basis? New question for technology: which version of Microsoft Office are you using the most (with the Office 07 release for PC and 08 release for Mac, the transition is not an easy one for most people. . .and some of my instructions will need to be modified depending on the version you are able to access!)

3rd paragraph: Read the CSUSM/COE Mission Statement (It’s on the syllabus) and respond to any part of the statement that speaks to you. Was it a factor in your decision to apply at CSUSM?

Include a digital picture of yourself inside the blog post (see sample Intro Letter).

Also, comment on at least three other peers' blogs.

To submit in webCT: include your blog link and the names of the peers whose blogs you commented on.

Grading: Three points for the intro/pic on blog; two points for peer comments.

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